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ARABIC phrasebook | 100 basic phrases in Arabic 100 عبارة أساسية بالعربي | Intermediate ARABIC

These are 100 or more basic phrases in Arabic to get you by when visiting any Arabic-speaking country. The sentences are particularly useful for travelers. The topics include, greetings, nationality, casual conversations, shopping trips, going to places in town, asking how and where to go to certain places, some emergency questions.

Where do you live? أين تسكن؟ أين تعيش؟ | Live ARABIC lessons 06 | Learn Arabic

In this video, you will follow a live lesson to learn how to talk about studying in Arabic in the third person singular and dual both masculine and feminine. I will give the explanations of vocabulary, structure, and pronunciation in English. I hope to see all of you during the live stream. I’ll be glad to answer all your questions. You can post them during the live stream and in the comments.