Quiz on the French Language

Quiz on the French Language

How much do you know about the #French language, the differences between European French and Canadian French, and the influence of the English language?

Here is a fun quiz on the #French_language, I hope you enjoy it.

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The French language is called “the language of Molière”, in French, “la langue de Molière”. Who was Molière?
The Canadian French borrowed an English word that means friend. That word is
When words are borrowed from English or when French words are formed through translating or paraphrasing an English word or words, this phenomenon is called
Which of the following is the French word for email?
The institution that sent a letter to the head of the State in 1998 asking to stop using the feminine definite article in the title of “Madame la Ministre” because it wasn’t grammatically correct is
The French part of Switzerland is called
The syllable “eau” in words like “bateau”, “oiseau” and “beau” is pronounced
Which of these French-speaking countries were the first to feminize names of professions, like “professeure” instead of “professeur” and “écrivaine” instead of “écrivain”?
The word “bravo” is of … origin.
The French word “baskets” means
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Quiz on the French Language
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