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Mastering Arabic Speaking Through Comprehension and Immersion

One challenge of speaking a target language is being able to respond effectively to your conversation partner. Speaking might feel relatively easy as you draw upon your knowledge and pronunciation skills, but when your interlocutor replies, speaking quickly and perhaps more fluently than you, it becomes crucial to understand and…

Unlocking Arabic: The Significance of Phonetic Transcription in Learning

If you’ve ever been an Arabic learner or a learner of a language whose script is different from that of your native language, you would know that one of the challenges in learning such languages is to decipher that script and to become comfortable reading in it without much effort.

ARABIC phrasebook | 100 basic phrases in Arabic 100 عبارة أساسية بالعربي | Intermediate ARABIC

These are 100 or more basic phrases in Arabic to get you by when visiting any Arabic-speaking country. The sentences are particularly useful for travelers. The topics include, greetings, nationality, casual conversations, shopping trips, going to places in town, asking how and where to go to certain places, some emergency questions.